10 Times Blue Ivy Owned It Better Than You

By Lucia Santos

When Beyoncé and Jay Z announced the birth of Blue Ivy, we knew from that day onwards we would not only be completely jealous, but totally eager to follow her everyday life and watch her turn into a mini superstar. Not only have the last five years made us completely jealous, but they've also reminded us just how Blue Ivy is owning everyday life better than we ever could. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Her fashion sense

She owns it in designer gear, and of course looks fabulous. We know, how can a 5 year old look better than we ever will?

2. Her hobbies

Could you count working out with Jay Z as one of your hobbies when you were 5? Probably not, but Blue can.

3. Her holidays

She has probably seen more of the world than we will ever see in our lifetime *cries*

4. Her social media presence

We love it when Queen B puts a pic up with her beautiful daughter. We kinda wish that we had photos like hers to look back on, instead of the photos of us at our local seaside pulling questionable poses...

5. Her dance skills

It's only expected that she can move since her mum made one of the sassiest dance moves AKA the booty shake. 

6. Her fancy dress skills

Just when you think your skeleton Halloween costume was on top form, Blue Ivy just takes away your limelight alongside Bey. She also looks super cute dressed up as a co-star in the IVY Park promo. Own it girl.

7. Her birthday parties

She will not only throw a birthday party better than ours every single year, but the guest list will put us to even more shame.

8. Her VIP treatment

Being part of a VIP family, it is no surprise that she's been exposed to VIP treatment since birth. When you have one of those less motivational days, just think how would Blue deal with this? Because she always owns it. And, she's five.

9. Her appearance in music videos

Your younger self would have done anything to star in a music video, let alone a Beyoncé music video. That's another thing Blue Ivy can tick off of her bucket list.

10. Her awesome selfie taking skills

Finally, she knows how to take an Instagram worthy selfie, that makes us scream 'awwwwwww' at our phones.

Keep on owning it Blue! Here's to being another year older and slaying the game.

GIF source: Giphy