10 Times Obama Proved He Was The Ultimate Boss

Barack Obama is the United States of America's 44th President. That's a fact. And whilst we're losing him from the White House, he'll go down as the coolest President ever. And if you need reminding, we've got 10 times Obama proved he was the ultimate boss. You're welcome. 

When he gave killer speeches 

Motivation left, right and centre

When he knew how to make an exit 

Yep this is the American president #respect 

When he met Prince George 

And didn't make much of his OOTD choice

When him and Michelle gave us couple goals 

Forget Disney, Michelle and Obama are the one

And was the cutest dad

What a family

When he challenged The Queen 

Just an average Tuesday

When Michelle got her own James Corden Carpool Karaoke 

Just epic

When he wasn't Beyoncé

Let down Barack 

When he revealed his retirement plans

And when this GIF emerged 

Don't leave Obama!

GIF source: Giphy