5 Girls You Find Every Valentine's Day...

by Sarah Pritchard

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and there's no guessing you've met at least one of these girls in your life...

The Loved Up One

This girl is every single girl’s nightmare. Posting IG’s of all the gifts her S.O has bought her. We aren’t jealous though - she’s our bestie so we like every single post, obvs!

The City Hopper

This girl has definitely got the travel bug - any excuse to see another part of the world will not be missed! She’s seen every romantic city and left locks on every bridge, obvs!

The Single Lady

She’s arranged for the squad to get together and celebrate your independence! She’s fierce and is happy to be alone…until she’s one bottle of vodka down and contemplates messaging her ex…

The Easily-Pleased One

Her bae could turn up with a bottle of wine and a smile this happy-go-lucky girl would think she’s winning. 

The Creative One

Remember the episode of friends where Chandler and Monica decide to make their own gifts? This girl knows her PVA from her Pritt stick – there’ll be no gift voucher or chocolate in sight.