6 Reasons Why Rihanna Will Always Reign

by Niki Igbaroola

Since arriving in our lives (and ears) in ‘05 with Pon De Replay, Barbados’ most famous export a.k.a. RiRi basically wins at everything she touches, becoming not just a musical powerhouse but a fashion killer, too.

If there’s one thing 2016 proved, it’s that Rihanna is not about to be stopped. Having cemented her status as the Queen of re-invention, here are 6 reasons why Ri Ri will always reign…

1. Music

From the Bajan sounds of Pon de Replay the to the darker sounds on Disturbia, RiRi refuses to be placed in a single genre and isn’t afraid of risk when it comes to her craft. We can’t wait to hear what she comes out with next.

2. Hair Goals

Rihanna has set hair trends for women across the world for almost a decade now. The famous red hair phase is one of the most memorable and iconic Rihanna looks ever.

3. Model Good Looks

Landing cover after cover, Rihanna proves that she is in the same league as any model out there. Her VS show performance proved why the rumours of her legs being insured for $1million each began in the first place.

4. Fashion Icon

Rihanna is no doubt the queen of serving LOOKS! Her streetwear game is unmatched and literally makes every sidewalk a runway.

5. Designer Extraordinaire

With personal style SO BOMB, it was only a matter of time till Rihanna was approached to design her own collections. First she served us with the iconic Manolo Blahnik shoe collection, followed by the revamping of ‘The Creeper’ with Puma.

6. BFF Goals

Rihanna and her BFF Melissa travel the world together, taking epic pictures, attending lavish parties and throwing shade with the best of them. They are the best definition of girlhood and friendship for the 20-something girls of 2017.

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