6 Stages Of Going To The Hairdressers

by Sarah Pritchard

Love it or loathe it – we’ve gotta rid our hair of those split ends from time to time. Here are the inevitable feels we all go through at the salon…

1. Inspiration

You’ve done a quick IG stalk of celeb do’s and decide, you know what, you WILL get a bob like RiRi. You arrive full of hope (and a screenshot to show the stylist just to be sure) New year, new do, you tell yourself as you sip your latte.

2. Shock

Is that really how you look in a towel turban? Surely it must just be the lighting in here…

3. Doom

Why is she hacking at your beautiful locks?! You said three inches, not miles. Slow down, Sandra.

4. PMA

There’s no point even trying to curly blow this bob (sob!). It will grow back, right?! Stay positive, people!

5. Sadness

You smile through the tears as you enter your pin. You are a little round potato and no one will ever love you again. You can’t even put it in a ponytail which means the gym is a no-go. Every cloud and all that…

6. Acceptance

Take the good out of a bad situation and invest in a strong hat for the season.

GIF source: Giphy