Fifty Shades Darker: The Review

For many, yesterday marked the special day of bae giving you a dozen red roses and a bottle of fizz (if you were lucky.) For the content team however, it was the day we went to go and drool over Dornan's abs in the latest of the Fifty Shades series. 

Us girls have our priorities in check.   

I'd already watched the first one with my mum (yep, really) so this year I was older and wiser to know never to do that again. Ever. 

That being said, we settled down with our cinema snacks for two hours of Jamie Dornan not being topless enough - if we're really honest.

There are bad reviews flying around everywhere, but the film is what it is. Yes, Ana gets promoted in what feels like a day and doesn't seem to bat an eyelid when Christian transfers $24,000 to her account one morning. No biggie. 

But the soundtrack for one is pretty stellar. From a Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj collab for one of the many raunchy scenes to that ZAYN & Taylor duo, we were singing along like there was no tomorrow while Ana and Christian sailed a million dollar boat with the wind whipping through their hair. 

If you've read the books and don't mind a bit of cheese, it's one to watch. 

Just not with your mum. 

Watch the trailer...

Image source: Instagram