Food Accounts You Don't Wanna Follow When You're Hangry

By Kammy Karginaite

Ever felt so hungry, that you felt angry? When your tummy rumbles and you feel like you could eat everything in your fridge. Everything irritates you, until you finally taste the gorgeous food that you have been waiting for, for what it seemed like forever and the whole world seems okay again.

But if you're hangry, avoid Instagram. Especially these accounts... 


Full of amazing pancakes, cookies, cakes and more - just looking at this account will unleash your inner hanger.  


Peanut butter cookies? Where do I sign up for a snack like that? 


Think toast is bland? Think again! It’s full of sushi, avo toast and delicious salads. Lunch inspo is at an all-time high. 


Step aside ordinary lunch or salad. We can't get enough of The Detox Kitchen. Here's just why... 


Simple, healthy and delicious comfort food. What more could you want? 


One word PIZZA! It solves most things and you'll be lying if you said it doesn't...