Just Say YES: A Week Of Saying Yes To Everything

by Naomi Stewart

Say yes to that second coffee

Personally I limit myself to one coffee in the morning but lately I've been upping my caffeine intake and man it feels good! The first coffee is the waker upper but that second cup is more like a mid-morning treat. You deserve this after all, you've put in a good graft, at least an hours work. Mmmm caffeine... 


Say yes to reading

If you’re like me and haven't picked up a book in f o r e v e r and choose trash TV over a good read then this one is for you. Reading is not only educational but therapeutic and surprisingly your eyes don’t get sore like they do from looking at a monitor. Itching to learn something new? Yeah... someone has written a book on that and it's readily available to you right now. 

Say yes to GLUTEN


Say yes to staying out on a school night

Order that second round of drinks (or third)! It’s called Thirsty Thursdays for a reason…

Say yes to the extra guac

Because without the guac I'd be avoin' none of the burrito. (See what I did there?)   

Finally; say yes to yourself! 

Do I look good today? Yes. Am I going to kick butt today? Yes. Will I strive to become a better person and be positive today? Hell yes.