Running Tips You Need To Know About

We've teamed up with Brooke and Erica from Pumps and Push Ups to help get your exercise game face on and get out of the house. All of the running tips you need to know about are here...

Start slow! 

Don’t take to running thinking you’re going to run several miles your first day. Start with a small distance, like a mile and don’t attempt to run the entire thing. Begin with a brisk walk to warm up and try running for a minute and walking for a minute. If you go too hard too fast, you’ll end up with painful shin splints and possible injuries! If you continue to build on your endurance, you’ll be running miles in no time.

Run in intervals 

This is kind of like taking it slow, but for a different reason. If you’re running for fitness, intervals are where it’s at! You will get more out of your run if you vary your pace, rather than a long steady pace.

Nail down a playlist 

Music makes any workout better! Take to the trail or the treadmill with your favourite playlist and you’ll be sure to keep up the hard work for miles!

Find a friend 

Some people prefer to run alone, clear their thoughts and decompress. But, running with a friend is so much fun! While you gossip and catch up, you won’t even realize how far you’ve run.

Don’t forget to stretch and warm-up

Treat your muscles kindly! Start with a brisk five minute walk to warm-up before taking to running and follow up with a nice ten minute stretch.

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