The Fierce Females We Should All Take Note Of

by Sarah Pritchard

1. Beyoncé

Who else announces they’re expecting twins in a veil and sends the internet into a meltdown?! Queen B’s Lemonade says it all – if you need a girl power boost just grab your headphones and let Bey give you a magical pep talk!

2. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy has fierce down to a T and destroys social media with her sass and confidence. She’d never let anyone put her down and should be a role model to every young girl looking to find their place in life!

3. Jennifer Lawrence

One actress that never lets anyone tell her that she shouldn’t eat that pizza! J-Law captured the hearts of everyone when she stepped onto our screens and continues to show young women everywhere to never let anyone tell them they should diet!

4. Emma Watson

Miss Watson stole the hearts of the nation as Hermione and grew up alongside us. Ever since, Emma has been standing up for women everywhere and getting all of our voices heard!

5. Huda Kattan

One beauty guru who made it showing everyone out there if you follow your dreams you can make it when she bought out her own Makeup line and gets it sold in Harrods!

6. Michelle Obama

The First Lady who gave every little lady out there the courage to stand up and shout for their rights! One fierce mumma who would never let the world overlook anyone!

7. Adele

Ever sat and cried to her albums?! Yeah, us too. Need to cry or a healthy reminder they ain’t sh*t? Put on Someone Like You! Or just watch her live cause she’s hilarious

8. Ashley Graham

One sassy plus-sized model who shows beauty standards just how wrong they are! This fierce beauty shows you that you can do anything no matter what size or shape you are!

GIF source: Giphy