Why It's A-OK To Be Alone & Owning It This V-Day & Everyday...

by Charlotte Briggs

It’s official, everyone’s fave day of the year is just around the corner and we’re not talking about National Pizza Day (unfortunately). For many couples, V-Day is a Hallmark holiday where they can proclaim their undying love for everyone else to see. For many singletons, it’s hell on earth. 

But I’m not a hater. Being single on Valentine’s Day is pretty awesome, and here’s why!

1. You get to spend any $$$ on yourself

Whilst couples will be splashing the cash on overpriced dinners, cuddly toys and other such novelties, you get to spend that hard earned dolla on the most important person in your life – you. What better than a bit of retail therapy to treat yourself to those new shoes or getting your nails done?! 

2. You can have some quality me time

Every single gal should embrace this day as an excuse to spend some quality time alone. You can retreat from the sea of blissful couples and have an epic duvet day with all of the food. Or why not visit a gallery or go to a coffee shop and finally finish that book? 

3. It’s a great excuse to catch up with your girls

If you don’t want to spend the day alone, why not get in touch with some of your fellow single pals and hit up the town? You’ll definitely end up having a better date with them than any first one you might go on, plus, you can get drunk in a judgement-free zone. Just don’t forget to eye roll every OTT couple you see.

4. You know you’re not trapped in an unhappy relationship

This is a really important one. I’ve known plenty of people in the past who have been in unhappy relationships but they don’t leave because Valentine’s Day is coming up, myself included. It seems silly, but no one wants to deal with a fresh break up alone when everyone else is seemingly delightfully happy on the ‘day of love’. If they’re not showing you how much they appreciate you EVERY day, then they don’t deserve you. Embrace your freedom and inner happiness. 

5. There’s gonna be a helluva lot of discounted chocolate on February 15th

Need I say more? Stock up on your favourite discounted treats that the supermarkets bulk bought. Can I get an Amen?

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