10 Commandments of the Group Selfie

Whether it's pre-party or a weekend trip with the girls, the group selfie is 100% obligatory so that everyone, everywhere knows you've got the best squad going. Get clued up on the unwritten rules and feel free to send to the worst offenders you know (if any of these come as a shock, that' s probs you).

Move over Tay Swift and co...

Thou shalt not leave squad members out of the group selfie

It's all or nothing, people!

Thou shalt not use flash unless absolutely necessary 

It's not flattering... on anyone.

Thou shalt not blink when everyone else looks on point!  

You won't be forgiven

Thou shalt not pull a silly face when taking a 'nice one'

Or look nice when everyone else is making a tit of themselves

Thou shalt not obstruct other squad members

Tall girls will forever be confined to the back of the photo... yep, life's unfair.

Only one squad member shalt upload to Instagram  

Double/ tripple upload just splits the likes and it's REALLY annoying -  seriously, fight it out.

Thou shalt not upload to social media if anyone's looking less than fleeky 

Or will at least immediately remove the photo if requested to do so

Thou shalt not "pretend" everyone looks amaze to justify uploading  

We're not blind.

Thou shalt not crop people out of the photo without their permission

I mean it's just harsh! Like "yes Jennifer we all know you look awful in this one so I'll just crop you out to save the embarrassment"

Thou shalt not make the photo their profile picture if another has already done so

(or bagsied it - that's still a thing!)

Thou shalt not enter the group selfie before agreeing to all of the above

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