10 Holiday Hotspots To Hit Up This Summer

by Naomi Stewart 

It’s the middle of February, Christmas is long gone and V Day is over. But don’t sweat it - whether you're at work or bossing uni, there's still something to look forward to…SUMMER '17.

Stuck on where to go? Here are our top picks for you to vibe that just booked feeling…

1. Ibiza

Sun, sea, sand and parties all day and night long. The season officially starts in May and runs all summer long into late October. Be sure to check out their closing parties, where the temps a little more bearable but the good vibe is still 100.

2. Croatia

An up and coming popular destination for tourists hosting glitzy summer festivals and home to crystal clear beaches and white sands.

3. Barcelona

Most famously known for its wonderful art and arictuture the temp hits mid 30's in high summer. The city offers plenty of museums and picturesque tourist spots, and when you're done exploring, you can relax on the beach with an ice-cream. 

4. Thailand

Since the release of The Beach in '00 showcasing the beautiful islands of Thailand (not to mention dreamy Leo) they’ve become a popular tourist and party spot for people around the world. From full moon parties to elephant treks and traditional Thai fabric markets, this country is beyond beautiful in every right.

5. Marbella

Where celebs unite, party all night and vodka is basically a commodity like drinking water. Remember gals no carbs before Marbs!

6. Dubai

Think fast cars, tallllll buildings and sweltering heat. Dubai offers all day boozy brunch and all-star pool parties.

7. London

In high summer London hits low 30's, which make it great cruising weather if you decide to rent a bike and check out Britain's most famous landmarks like Buckingham Palace, The Tower Bridge and the London Eye. The city is filled with great restaurants, coffee shops and cafes. Oh and I've heard the shopping is good too....

8. Paris

A beautiful city all year round, although if you fancy making your trip special, head over on for French National Day or Bastille Day on July 14th where thousands gather for a day of festivities. Sure the city is landlocked but if you fancy a beach-esque resort where you can top up your tan, check out 'Paris Plages.' `

9. The Bahamas

If the blue clear sea, palm trees and Pina Coladas on the beach wasn't enough to make you go, you can also swim with pigs. Just saying.

10. Australia

Okay, so it's on the other side of the world but if you're lucky enough to take time off to go travelling or simply have a free summer, Aus is the one. The weather's hot, the vibe is chilled and there's loads of like-minded people you meet along the way. It's the only place in the world where you can skydive and hug a koala in the same day (not at the same time obvs!) GIF source: Giphy