10 People You Find On A Night Out

Take a look on your next night out because chances are you'll come across one or all of these people. Read and relate... 

1. The girl who sees someone she got with once and tries to hide   

2. The one who keeps shouting "shots" and doesn't leave the bar once   

3. The one totally in their zone in the DJ booth  

4. The one who’s not drinking and now only cares about the food at the end of the night

5. The one who falls asleep literally anywhere      

6. The one who has an emotional breakdown and has to be consoled by their new bathroom BFF

7. The girl who’s jam comes on and is convinced she’s Beyoncé

8. The arguing couple where one won’t let it go and the other is too drunk to care

9. The one trying to pretend they’re not drunk

10. The one who’s so drunk they can't even stand

GIFS sourced from Giphy