10 Reasons Not To Be Blue This January

From taking the tree down to being broke following Christmas, January gets a seriously bad rep. But here at boohoo we say stop - turn that frown upside down and get happy, because there's so many reasons to not be blue this month. Here's 10 to get you inspired... 

A Fresh Start

January is the one month of the year where we start not only  a new chapter but a new calendar year too. Mentally we leave everything from the previous year just there and focus on the new, the future and how we can improve and grow. Some make resolutions, some book a holiday they’ve always dreamed of and some completely 180 their lives and go after what they really want. Whether or not those resolutions or kept, that career or life change succeeds - it’s a month hope and of ‘anything’s possible.'

Winter Really Kicks In

The snow's starting and with it we wholeheartedly welcome winter with open (covered) arms. Think open fires, pub quizzes, crisp winter walks with the dogs and any excuse for a night in or that extra hour under the duvet. It also means that killer coat you got for A/W can come out of your closet and the chunky knits will get their limelight finally.

"Sorry, I'm Broke"

You may genuinely be broke but regardless, January is also the one month where that excuse can’t be judged. You may instead be tired or not feeling another night out in town. Or perhaps you just don’t want to go. Whatever the truth, go home and don’t feel guilty because no-one can judge or argue it.


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Food Glorious Food

Want a discounted dinner? January's the month for it with restaurants, bars and cafes across the UK doing half price or cheap food to help save you pennies. So put the pots and pans away and head out!

Try Something New

Whilst this can be done any month of the year, a lot of new courses and activities start at the beginning of the year. Whether it's signing up to a charity run, getting back into ballet or enrolling to a meditation course - if you've been wanting to try something different, go ahead and do it. 

Work It Baby

And I don’t mean the gym. I’m not saying don’t exercise but there’s enough ‘JOIN THE GYM’, ‘WORK OUT’ messages being shoved down our throats this month without me adding to that pile. No, I’m talking about work and/or uni. 

You’ve had a nice Christmas break to relax and unwind with lie ins, long walks and general chill so you should be refreshed and raring to go. Believe you can and you’re halfway there. See obstacles as challenges, find the silver lining in everything and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. Show ‘em what you’re made of and mould yourself the career you’ve always dreamed of.

Lights, Camera, Action

It’s award season and with events like the Oscars approaching, the best in film are coming to our silver screens. So get ready to be blown away by cinematography and witness incredible actors, directors and producers.

Back To Routine

Whilst we loved our Christmas breaks, there’s something a little satisfying about our everyday routine, what we’re used to know and what we enjoy doing. From going back to work/uni, to weekly lunch dates, our nights out, nights in and everything else in between.

Spring Is In Sight

It’s three months until SPRING PEOPLE. More daylight, evening walks, warmer temperatures...Bring it on!