10 Reasons Scarlett Moffatt Has Always Been Our Queen

By Eve Macdonald

Scarlett Moffat aka Queen of the Jungle stole our hearts long before she was crowned. From her witty one liners to her hilarious sense of humour, Scarlett has always been our Queen.

1. First off, she is the Queen of transformations. Just look at how amazing she looks:

2. And she never lets anything stand in her way

3. She's just like every other girl, and loves her fake nails, tan and chicken kebabs

4. When she commented on Martin Freeman doing a political video for the 2015 general election

5. Or, y'know the fact she SMASHED every bushtucker trial this year

6. And said what we were all thinking really

7. Or that time on Gogglebox when there was a documentary about webcam sex couples, and the people on the show decided to use these disguises

8. We love how down to earth she is, and that her goal in life was to meet Ant and Dec

9. When she absoloutely rocked this Halloween make-up

10. And, of course, she's stole the hearts of the entire nation:

Keep slayin' girl!