10 Reasons We Wanna Be Brit

Guess which pop icon turns 35 today?! It's Britney Spears of course. So let’s just take a moment to bask in the ambience of Queen Britney and talk about why, deep down, we all really want to be her...

By Darcey Taylor

1. She's fierce 

A combination of sweet and sexy, with an air of natural beauty, and very likeable.

2. She's a style icon 

Maybe one up for debate but there's no denying she killed the 90s, and with it being so on- trend at the minute maybe we should all take some tips from old school Britney.

3. The collabs

 Pharrell, Madonna, heck even Austin Powers and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Brit had a tight squad of celeb friends. 

4. She came back stronger than ever

The internet may still throw around the 2007 memes but Brit came through it, stronger and more girl bossin' than ever and performing sell out tours. 

5. That bod

You're lying if you didn't get SRS bod goals in 'I'm A Slave For You' or 'Stronger.'

6. She can work anything

Air hostess, schoolgirl, holding a snake - just another day in planet Brit... 

7. She's produced some absolute classics

Whether you are a house-head or into heavy metal no one can deny, 'Hit me Baby One More Time', and 'Oops!.. I did it Again', are immediate party starters. Hands in the ay’er!

8. Her sass level's sky high

When your catch phrase is, ‘it’s Britney, bitch.’ And people live for it, that’s when you know you have that sass-o-meter just right.

9. Her career

It's panned years and years and aside from the singing, she's an entertainer, business woman and kick-ass mum.  

10. She's just a Queen 

Happy birthday Britney! We love ya’ 

Image source: Giphy