10 Reasons Why We Love Irish Guys

by Charlotte Briggs

With Valentine’s Day swiftly behind us, it’s time to celebrate the most important holiday of the Spring season –Paddy’s Day. With a cheer from the Emerald Isle and more Guinness novelty hats than you can sink a pint at, it’s no wonder everyone’s in a grand old good mood (even the bar staff!). So how can we show our appreciation for this wonderful festivity? I suggest we show our gratitude by celebrating Ireland’s best export after Guinness – its men!

1. The accents

Need I say more? One swift ‘Top of the morning to ye’ from a cheeky Irish has me swooning over my morning coffee. 

2. They love the Great Outdoors

Growing up around such lush surroundings, most Irish lads are seasoned outdoorsy types. This means they’ll probably take you on a super romantic date to a beach, hiking through some woodlands or strolling in the countryside. Much better than the cinema, right? 

3. They can hold their drink

Well, they’ve gotta to keep up appearances at their national drinking holiday, am I right?

4. They make great pop groups

Westlife, Boyzone, U2, The Script, 1/5 of One Direction – Ireland knows how to churn out a decent boy band with the best of them.

5. They have major love for their mammy’s

A boy who adores his mother also knows how to treat a woman with love and respect. Because that’s how Irish mothers raise their wee bairnes. 

6. They can cook some cracking meals

Irish beef stew, soda bread, black pudding – the Irish know how to eat. And most of them will have picked up a few cooking skills along the way #goals

7. They’re charming

C’mon, nobody can resist some of that famous Irish charm. Not even Stephanie Davies. 

8. They’re always cheerful

Considering their most well-known catchphrase is “It’ll be grand like”, they’re endless optimism and zest for life will ensure you’ll always have a blast in their company. 

9. They’re hot AF

We all know that the O’ in Irish surnames stands for Outrageously fit. With the likes of Jamie Dornan,
Danny O’Donoghue and Niall Horan boasting Irish heritage, there must be something in the Irish water to produce such a gorgeous breed of men.

10. Liam Neeson

Enough said *drops mic*. 

GIF source: Giphy