10 Reasons...

Your Uni BFFs Are Friends For Life

They've Seen You At Your Best...

Whether it's a first in your degree or landing that internship, your uni friends are there through some of the biggest milestones of your life and know exactly how hard you worked to get there. You'll be proud of each other for every little thing!

...And At Your Worst

It wouldn't be uni without a breakdown or two (twenty) and everyone is going through it. No matter what's going on in your life when you're 30-something, you know they'll be there for you and will know exactly how to make you feel better.

They Know All Of Your Secrets

Keep your friends close, keep your partners in crime closer! Let's face it, you can't afford to have certain things dragged back up when you're a high flying business woman. *cough* THAT night in freshers. 

They're People You'd Never Be Friends With IRL

Not that uni isn't real, but you're all chucked into halls together and instead of deciding who you might get on with it's more of a 'PLEASE, ANYONE TALK TO ME!' kind of sitch. 'Who is that weirdo wearing a bobble hat in a club?' you find yourself asking, and before you know it you're back in her room drinking tea and eating biscuits and wondering why you ever doubted you could be besties.  

Ain't Nobody Fresher Than Your Clique!

You probably left school thinking 'great, the drama is over... no more bitching, no more friendship group rivalry'. Oh how wrong you were. Uni seems to have taken this to a whole new level - 'um, excuse me you don't live on our corridor, you're not welcome here'. Luckily you have your newly found crew to get you through!

You're Totally Comfortable With Each Other

Stemming from nights out in first year that ended with three of you crammed into a single bed - and let's face it, pretty much continuing to the end of third year. Any excuse to snuggle up in the winter whilst half the beds in the house are left abandoned - personal space just isn't a thing.

The In-Jokes

'So I put my clothes out to dry today...' 'OMG Did you get your hand tangled in the clothes horse?' 


Friends That Eat Together Stay Together

Let's face it, your uni loan doesn't give much scope for the high life. You can forget shopping trips and fun days out, but when someone shouts 'anyone want a Chinese?' I mean you need to eat to live, right!? 

The Post-Uni Gossip

Who else is going to care about that guy on your course who's now a super hot lawyer, fighting for animal's rights whilst posting selfies on the beach in South America!?

I Had The Time Of My Life

(Cue Dirty Dancing music). Some of the best memories of your life will come from uni and all of the people there with you. They're a constant reminder of what a great 3 years you had and you never want to forget it. 'Remember that time...'