10 Reasons...

To Date A Rugby Player

With the Six Nations hitting our screens this weekend, our attention is definitely turning to the talent! There are probably about a million and one reasons to date a rugby player, but here are 10 just to get you started...

1. They're Loyal And Supportive

As they say, there is no I in Team! If they can dedicate that much time to the squad then they really shouldn't have any problem with commitment... right!?

2. They're Always up For A Laugh

You won't find a rugby player taking themselves too seriously - no need to worry about offending them! (I obviously mean this within reason). They may be a bit childish with the guys sometimes but they're definitely not boring.

3. They're Good At Fighting Through A  Crowd

Forget the polite 'excuse me, please' as you squeeze your way past, people will just move out of the way whilst your rugby playing boyf bulldozes through. (This is particularly useful during the sales... that pair of boots is yours!)

4. They Make Excellent Bag Holders

Their incredible strength means the bag that's dragging you down barely needs your guy to lift a finger. Basically, they're the shopping accessory you never knew you needed!

5. You Get To Travel

Get ready for World tours when they make it to the big time - who doesn't want a jet set lifestyle? Sunglasses at the ready...

6. They Can Pick You Up

And carry you anywhere! Heels hurting? Can't be bothered to walk? It's really not an issue, if you can't use their strength to your advantage then really, what is the point!?

7. They Have Their Own 'Crew'

No need to feel bad when you want to ditch you other half for the Girl Squad, chances are the team already have plans that he's only too happy to get to join.

8. They Always Have A Friend For Your Friend

I mean she has a whole rugby team to choose from... how much of a better friend could you be!?

9. They're Fit AF

The early morning training isn't for nothing. Whether you're after a fitness model body or just dig the caveman appeal, your guy will be incredibly fit... I mean literally!

10. They're Positive, Motivated People

Exercise releases endorphins; endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't make bad boyfriends.

Disclaimer: These reasons are very generalised, we will not be held responsible upon the discovery of a rugby player who doesn't meet all of the above criteria.