10 Shakespeare Adaptation Moments We <3

Today marks Shakespeare's birthday and aside from his iconic quotes, kick-ass poetry and plays, there's been some pretty cool film adaptations to come from his famous work. In case you've missed the memo, or movie in this case, here are 10 of our favourite adaptation moments - popcorn at the ready... 

When Heath Ledger put on a show in 10 Things I Hate About You

Adapted from Shakespeare's The Taming of The Shrew

When Amanda Bynes spoke the truth in She's The Man

Adapted from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Any time Leonardo Dicaprio looked brooding and so damn handsome in Romeo & Juliet

Adapted from Romeo & Juliet, surprisingly...

When Kat was all sassy and shot Joey down in class


When Pat cut the crap and got real about life

Good looking and in touch with his emotions. The dream

When Romeo & Juliet gave us first time meeting goals  

Slow-mo moments a plenty 

When Kat tried her best to give big sister advice

Should have listened Bianca... 

When Kat was dishing out deep one-liners like this whilst pedaling a pedalo 

Multi-tasking at its best gurrrrll

When Viola gave Justin the ultimate comeback

Mama didn't raise no fool 

And finally, when Kat publicly poured out her heart to Pat after he hurt her, yet she still loves him


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