10 Signs Your BAE Is A Keeper

By Laura Callaghan

If your boyf shows these signs you've got ultimate #BAEgoals right there. Keep hold of him girl!

1. He supports you in everything you do.

The best boyfriend totes believes in your dreams and will always push you to becoming an ultimate boss girl. 

2. He makes the effort with your family and friends.

He'll try super hard to seek their approval 'cos he understands how important a gal's inner circle is to her.

3. He compliments you at least once a day.

Whether he's praising your intelligence, looks, or simply thinks your dress is QT, a guy worth keeping will make his girlf feel like a flawless queen all day 'everrryday.

4. He puts up with your mood swings.

A true BAE will take you as you are, so even if you have a 'lil diva episode all will be forgiven once you've calmed  your sass levels.

5. He buys you unexpected, cute gifts.

We ain't talking diamonds, but greeting you with a pretty bouquet of flowers or your fave choccies is v appreciated.

6. He's actually listens to you.

Whether you're telling him about a crappy day at work or your bust up with your BFF, a keeper will listen patiently to everything you gotta offload.

7. He makes the effort.

From coming up with date ideas to giving you a quick phone call to hear your voice, there's nothing better than BAE showing he cares, amiright?

8. He talks to his friends about you.

Because a real man ain't afraid to show 'em all how much his girl means to him. N'awww.

9. You can tell him ANYTHING.

10. He's your best friend.

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