10 Stages Of Finding The Perfect Outfit

The struggle is so real.

1. The invite arrives!

Whether it's in the form of gorgeous wedding stationery or a FB event, plans have been made and you'e SO excited!

2. The browsing begins

You now have a completely valid reason to spend half your day online shopping and are taking full advantage. Okay, so that top is more poolside than party but somehow still makes it into the basket...

3. The outfit chat

You've got a month to go. 2 of your friends already have their dresses and the rest have a pretty good idea... you're like *cough* yeah me too! *cough*. It's time to start taking this seriously.

4. Panic number 1

"WHERE ARE ALL THE DRESSES!? 3 months ago I had at least 10 possible options... there is now nothing in the whole world that I can wear!"

5. Finding the outfit

You only meant to go in to look, you knew it was out of your price range and thought it wouldn't do any harm... and then everything became a bit of a blur and you somehow ended up in the changing rooms in the dress of your dreams.

6. The Justification

Brain: no. Purse: no. Mum: no. 

It'll go with the earrings I've wanted to wear for ages... SOLD!

7. Panic number 2

You were so busy finding the winning look you totally forgot about accessories. "What if people recognise these shoes, I've worn them so many times! And what if someone is wearing the same outfit? Do I need a back up? I could take a spare dress just in case... oh god I need a bigger bag!"

8. The day of the event

Finally time to chill. There's no time for back-ups. Yes, it could all be a disaster but what can you do about it now? You just gotta roll with it.

9. Ready to go

What even was all the drama!? Outfit is on point, you're looking fit AF and the photos will be amaze. This was 100% a good idea.

10. The next day

The regret kicks in when you realise yesterday's outfit means you won't be eating for the rest of the month. But it's okay, you'll totally wear it to the next event!

*Gets another invite* - "Can't wait to buy a new outfit!"

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