10 Things That Happen At Every Sleepover

Sleepovers are for sleeping?! Forget that, they were the best nights of the year before we were old enough to go out out. From makeover fails to falling asleep way before we bragged we would, here's 10 Things That Happen At Every Sleepover. 

The Sleeping Allocation
You've arrived and now the most important decision of the night - who's sleeping where? How many people can you squash into a single bed? Who gets the short straw with the spot on the floor by the door?

The Late Night Brag
"I'm sooooo going to do an all-nighter" are the famous last words uttered by the same girl who falls asleep first #hardcore

The Pyjama Comparison 

Never has there been such importance placed on your sleepwear. Even worse if you're the only one who didn't know about the matching PJs - WHY DID WE NOT DISCUSS THIS BEFORE?!

The Beauty Regimes

The face masks go straight on with everyone having their own variation - green, purple, pink - the colour wheel is endless. And then comes out the hair styling tools because who doesn't need a full head of crimped hair right before you go to sleep?! There's a high chance someone will try an intricate plait or up-do where bobbles will get stuck in your hair or your scalp will be in agony for the remainder of the sleepover.  Joy. 

All The Food

Chances are the parents of said sleepover will have stocked the house full of all the food - great yeah? Apart from the fact you'll feel the need to eat everything and by 9pm have massive food regret and need to lie down. Good job you're at a sleepover... 

The Games

Pre-Candy Crush we had to be imaginative with the games we played. Snog Marry Avoid, Would You Rather? or Truth or Dare were sleepover favourites. Although how far dares can go when you can't leave the bedroom, let alone the house really does limit you. 

The Prank Calling

School crushes will be discussed. You may even hop on MSN to see if your boo is active online and brave a quick hello before signing off with G2G! Or if you're really daring the pranks will start, because how else will you let the love of your life know you're into him without irritating him with 10 calls in one night?! 

The Telling Off

If your parents didn't come in to yell at you at least once, you weren't doing sleepovers right. They'd put the fear of god into you and you'd all quieten down the party for at least 20 minutes before you quite frankly forget and get the party started again. Repeat X3.

The Scary Films

One of the sleepover crew will have snuck in their parent's stash of scary films which you're all uber excited to watch and uber underage too. Reality? You'll all be terrified at the end (if you make it that far or if your parents didn't catch you) before having to throw on a Disney film to counteract what you've just seen. MY EYES.

Scary Stories 

Whoever's made it this far (without falling asleep) will now be subject to the scary story section of the sleepover. They'll be one girl who just can't handle it and threaten to leave the sleepover and/or cry. Others may not show it but inside are now too scared to sleep and you'll vow not to go to another sleepover, until next month when Kerry from English announces it's her turn to host. Oh okay then... 

 Happy sleepover-ing!