10 Things Spice Girls Fans Know To Be True

It's hard to think back to a time before there were Beliebers, 1D'ers or even Swifties. Throughout our growing up years #SQUADGOALS were defined by no other than the Spice Girls.

Today marks 20 years since Wannabe was released (yep, you've permission to feel ancient). Rumour has it they are huddling together to make more music. 

If you were amongst the million of die-hard SG fans, here are a list of things you will know to be true:

1. Your BF would have to tick all the boxes with your friends before you considered making it real.

2. Girl power = RELIGION ... and loads of it.

3. Pig tails were always cute AF - if you were the baby of the group this was your must do hair style Mon-Fri.

4. High leg kicks were a legitimate form of communication. A high kick speaks 'I am fierce'.

5. Forget LBDs, if in doubt - wear a metallic mini dress.

6. The Union Jack was merely a symbol of our country... but a monumental fashion statement.

7. Nicknames are forever necessary, with your girl group having to abide by these rules at all times.

8. Heels were made for stomping (platforms at that!). Whether you're walking down the street or you've just been called downstairs for your tea - ALWAYS be heard.

9. If you're out having a good time, ALWAYS shimmy to the left.

10. Pepsi Max was so much more than a soft drinks brand... it was part of our everyday life.

GIF source: Giphy