10 Times Emma Watson Was Just Everything

Our favourite kick-ass witch celebrates her birthday today. Away from Hermonie, Miss Watson is pretty spell-binding on her own. Need convincing? Here’s 10 reasons why she’s a-ok

She's In Touch With Her Emotions

And she's even a prettier crier

She Delivers Killer Speeches

Enough said

She's Not Just A Pretty Face

From her degree from Browns University to being a UN Goodwill Ambassador, her powers are spell-bounding inside AND outside Hogwarts

But Yes, Her Looks Are Just Flawless

Just look

She's Just Like Us

We've all been there Em... 

She's Not Afraid To Let Loose

Even on TV seen by millions... 

Her Celeb Crushes Are On Point

Think of the potential pairings there could have been... 

She Throws An Epic Punch

Maybe getting revenge for Felton rejecting her?

The Cool Collabs

Burberry, Lancome, need I go on? 


Wind machine or no wind machine, she’s all day errryyyday fabulous

Gif source: Giphy