10 Toast Probs We All Face

Making toast is easy right? Think again. To celebrate or commiserate (depending on your outlook) National Toast Day, the Stylefix team have rounded up their top 10 toast probs, because yes, that's a real thing... 

Trying to Not Judge Others For Their Toast Preference

You're a firm 'lightly toasted' kinda gal yet they're a well tanned slice. You're trying to understand their reasoning but all you can think is: 'pyscho'... 

But When People Judge You For Yours...

Your negativity is not welcomed here, move along

Holding In The Urge to Step In 

"Oh how kind of you to make my toast" we utter. Inside, our inner control freak is having a minor, wait, massive panic attack. It's been three minutes too long. REMAIN CALM

Trying to Multitask When Toasting 

We all know how it goes: "I'll just have a quick tidy/make my bed/answer a few emails" whilst it's cooking. Yet two toast minutes fly by and now I'm met with a slice of disappointment

When People Are Stingy With Their Spreading

I wasn't being dramatic. I like butter, and lots of it. A simple swipe will not cut it

"Does anyone want this last slice?"

I don't want to seem bossy but yes, yes I do. Take it at your own peril

Or When Everyone Leaves The Burnt Slices For You

Sure, I'm cool with this. I didn't want to enjoy this toast anyway... 

OR When Your Squad Leave You With The End Crust-Heavy Slices

And you call yourself my friend...

Dropping Your Newly Spread Slice On The Floor

Even worse if you own a carpet. Doubly worse if said carpet is cream. All the regret

But When It Lands The Right Way... 

Winner winner chicken dinner - #TOASTGOALS

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