8 Unlucky Things That Happen On The Daily

Today's the dreaded Friday 13th. Whilst we like to stay on the bright side, we all go through at least one of these on the daily... 

Missing Your Bus/Train By Seconds

The world is against me

Spilling Coffee On Your White Shirt

Why bother... 

Bumping Into Your Ex When You're Looking Less Than Fly


Glorious Weather Whilst You're At Work. A Monsoon On Your Day Off

What are the chances? 

Misjudging The Shortest Queue

So much regret

Laddering Your Tights The Second You Put Them On

And back to square one...or bare legs

Your Buttered Toast Landing The Wrong Way

Didn't want it anyway...

When The Dress You Bought Last Week Goes Into Sale

Just what I needed 

GIF Source: Giphy