10 Unrealistic Expectations Belle Set

Beauty and The Beast turns 25 this month. And don't get me wrong, I love Disney. Who doesn't? But whilst I'm on board with the fantasy, it's fair to say, Belle set me up for a life fail. Here's 10 unrealistic expectations she set. 

That I could rustle up this statement dress

There's not a shop around for miles, that's all I'm saying

That I could hang out with a lit candle

Health and safety much?

That food would literally come to me on a plate, dancing

Only happens in my dreams

That animals would greet me with grace


That I'd look this fly in a hood

Heard of wind and rain? This would not last ten seconds 

Or that my pesky fringe would stay put with a simple stroke

I'm going to need some hairspray at least

That my snow angel would come out so chic

Bring on the Boomerang

That my hair would look incredible come any weather

The rain is not dampening her 'do

That I'd go to places like this

It's who you know I suppose?

And that I'd want to sing at every opportunity

Just because 

GIF source: Giphy