10 Ways To Get Happy

Today marks International Happiness Day don't cha know! Not feeling the vibes? Fear not Stylefix readers, as the team here at boohoo HQ have pulled together their top tips and tricks to getting that Friday feeling every damn day, as told by Friends.

Play With A Pet

Whilst we're always torn between team cat/dog at boohoo, nothing beats playing with an animal for a few hours or a walk in the park with our favourite fluffy friends. They literally get excited about everything, and that makes us hella happy too. 

Hey Mr DJ Put A Record On

Whether it's a lengthy commute, your morning run or some background music to help you through your 9-5, music can instantly lift your mood and make things feel that little bit better. So stick on your fave playlist and lose yourself in some lyrics.


Sure it may not be top of your list but it gets you moving, keeps you fit and healthy and you'll feel much better afterwards. Whether it's a long walk,  a jog with friends or a new fitness class on at your gym, get on it!

Get Outside

Whilst we all love a lie in, getting out of the house is simple but can lift your mood instantly. Head to the park, sunbathe (fingers crossed for sun), walk to the shops and just look up and around you at the wonder that life is. 

Take Some 'Me Time'

Whether it's reading a book or taking the biggest bubble bath, sometimes happiness is best in your own company. Switch off your phone and just chill. 

Book A Trip

Life is all about adventure, so book a trip somewhere new. It doesn't have to be anything exotic, whether it's 10 or 10,000 miles away, a change of scenery can do you the world of wonders and broadens your horizons, literally. 

Go Dancing

Hitting the dancefloor not only burns calories but provides guaranteed LOLs. Extra points if you have a rehearsed routine a la Ross and Monica. 


One plus side of our lives being all over social media are the memories it stores. From photos we've forgotten about to videos that will have you in stitches, take a walk down social memory lane with your pals. 


Ditch the healthy eating for one day and indulge in all of  your favourite foods. Take a trip to your go-to restaurant, order a takeaway you just can't get enough or just stock up on snacks. The gym can wait until tomorrow. 

Make Others Happy  

And finally, and one guaranteed to make both the giver and receiver smile - make someone else happy. Okay so we're not saying go Ross Gellar and give your friend a bike, it can be as simple as paying them a compliment, picking up the phone to speak to an old friend or buying them a coffee. 

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