11 Times We Wanted To Be Rachel Green

By Eve Macdonald 

Hands up if you wanted to be Rachel Green? From her style to sassy one liners, she taught us a hella lot. Like that it's OK to need a little help from your friends, and that love isn't as easy as you think, and the rest... 

1. She stood her ground, and was determined to make it on her own in the city

Remember when she cut up her credit cards?! *shivers*

2. She knows when it's time for tequila

Like the time Ross said her name, instead of Emily's, at the altar...

3. She falls in love hard, and eventually finds her lobster

Ross and Rachel forever <3

4. She's the best mother to Emma

C'mon she even rapped 'Baby Got Back' to her

5. And we are suuuuper jealous of her wardrobe


6. The 'Rachel' haircut alone is enough reasons to love her

It was the ultimate hair inspo back in the day

7. She’s definitely not afraid to say what she’s thinking

'But I am over you. And that my friend, is what we call closure...'

8. She knows exactly what she wants

And works hard for it

9. And wasn't afraid to make a fool of herself along the way

Remember when she dressed in her old cheerleading costumed? Yep, that's dedication

10. Don't get us wrong, like all of us, she made some fashion mistakes in her past

But at least she came out the other side looking better than ever

11. She's always there for her friends when they need her

This gal's got yo' back!

GIF source: Giphy