12 Iconic Brit Moments

So Ms Spears flooded social media yesterday after her megamix performance at the BBMAs. Whether you loved it or hated it, one think you can't deny, she is one of the biggest pop icons of our time. Just in case you needed a reminder, let's take a walk back through some of her most iconic moments... 

Her First Music Video

The schoolgirl look may have been nothing new but Brit sure did put a twist on it. Props for the fluffy hair accessories too 

That Kiss

The world (and JT) may have gone a little cray when Brit shared an on stage snog with Madonna and pop 'rival' Xtina at the VMAs

Her On Stage Props

Snake anyone? Yep, I think I'll pass... 

Her TV Work

Brit appeared on Sabrina The Teenage Witch all of those years ago and Melissa Joan-Heart then repaid the favour and appeared in her second single and music vid: (You Drive Me) Crazy

That Red Catsuit

Brit took one for the fashion team back in 2000 when she rocked a red leather catsuit for her 'Oops I Did It Again' video. Rather you than me...

Her Celeb Collabs

Austin Powers and Pharrell starred in Brit's videos to name a few. Because who doesn't want to shake some moves with the International Man of Mystery?

Britney and JT

They were the undisputed pop pairing. From the Mickey Mouse Club years to the red carpet days, it was one break-up we took hard

Her Breakdown

From her tearful interview with ABC in 2006 to her very public meltdown in 2007 where she shaved her head and hit out at the paps,  Brit's lived both the good and bad in the limelight

Her Comeback

After her public meltdown, she brought her A-game with her comeback in the form of 2008's 'Womanizer.' The vid sees Brit bare all, literally in a steamy shower scene. It's one of MTV's most watched videos ever, can't imagine why... 

The 'Toxic' Music Video

Speaking of steamy scenes, her 2003 'Toxic' video gave a whole new meaning to the mile high club and made every male want Ms Spears as their air hostess


Everyone remembers Brit's starring role in 2002 film Crossroads opposite the one and only Kim Cattrall. The mother/daughter scenes broke our heart but made us love Brit that little bit more

The Weddings

From her marriage to K-Fed back in 2004 to her whirlwind nuptials to childhood sweetheart in Las Vegas that lasted 55 hours, Brit has had her fair share of white weddings... 

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