12 Times We Wanted To Be Cher From Clueless

Say whaaaaaaat? Mega babe Alicia Silverstone turns 40 today and let's face it girls, she's still smokin'

Rewind to her 1995 hit film Clueless and we all wanted to be the Beverly Hills living, blonde bombshell Cher Horowitz. Here's 12 times exactly, because as if we wanted to be anyone else!

First off, this computer wardrobe generator. It's 2016. Where's ours?

When she made exercise gear look so damn chic

When she made falling off a bed whilst trying to impress Christian look flawless

When she stuck to her morals

When she was just like us

When she rocked plaid like an absolute boss

When her BFF was just as outrageous as she was

When she made bold fashion choices

When she questioned the important stuff

When her and Josh ended up 'meshing well'

And pretty much anytime she did a TV commercial hair flick like this 

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