14 Reasons We Can't Get Enough Of Redmayne

By Eve Macdonald 

Hollywood king and heart-throb, here's all of the reasons we're just a little bit in love with Eddie Redmayne. 

1. He's a true romantic

 He's been with his sweetheart for more than a decade.

2. He never takes himself too seriously

Even though he's won a freaking OSCAR!

3. He's the hottest Hufflepuff of all time

And is 100% proud of it.

4. His tousled hair is something we should all marvel at

Just look at it *heart eye emoji*

5. He really is a jack of all trades

He can easily master any movie role.

6. His smile can brighten up any day

It's just so cute!

7. Every interview he does is always just absolutely adorable

He never fails to make the audience laugh.

8. His Singing Voice

Can we all take a minute to remember how amazing he was in Les Mis?!

9. Eddie is also a model

Before he was winning awards and proving his acting talent, he was using those unique looks of his to make him some money.

10. He's a big charity supporter

He participates in charity matches and works to promote LGBTQ issues in whatever ways he can.

11. He's a real family man

Whenever he speaks about his wife, Hannah, or daughter, Iris, he always dotes on them.

12. He's actually hilarious

In the most awkward and adorable way possible!

13. He's really stylish

And is constantly featured in best-dressed lists.

14. He’s English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh

He's quite the mix!

Eddie you absolute babe, we love you!

GIF source: Giphy