5 ways to change your luck

It’s St Patrick’s Day and they say that the Irish have a certain lucky charm, so we’re celebrating all things ‘good vibes’ with five things that may just change your life…

Top up your good karma bank

Help a stranger in the street, buy your BFF a burrito…. Giving IS better than receiving. So spread some love and brighten someone’s day. Who knows, (good) karma might just come back around.

Go from half empty to half full

You may get sick of people talking about PMA and posting life quotes every five minutes, but think about it, is having a positive outlook really that bad? Stop looking for the negatives and start celebrating the amazing in the everyday!

Say I Love You

OK, so you might not be sure on this one (and we are not encouraging you to start proclaiming it to that guy you’ve been on a few dates with), but give it a go. Whether it’s your mum or that friend you haven't seen in a while but can always rely on, let them know how much they mean to you. You’ll feel so much happier for it too!

Open your mind

There are billions of people in this world and every single one of us is different. Be accepting of others’ views, embrace change, show a willingness to learn, forget the ‘norm’. When you begin to break free of the boundaries you set yourself, you’ll change both your luck and your life.

 Turn ‘can’ts’ into ‘cans’

More often than not, the only thing that’s stopping you doing things is you. Forget about things you apparently can’t wear or tasks that you think you can’t do, and give them a try. Who knows, it might suit you better than you could ever have imagined.