6 curly girl probs

Think having curly hair is easy? Think again. From the daily battle with the frizz to trying to get a hairbrush out of your mane without splitting  ends, we run down six problems every curly girl knows #struggleissoreal

Going anywhere with humidity

The annual girls getaway has been booked and you find out precipitation levels are above 5%. Cue additional luggage to fit in your argan oil, frizz ease, anti-humidity spray...

When bangs are 'in'

Cutting a fringe into a curly mane is like spreading Nutella on a pizza base. You think it's gonna work (at first, it does) and then you realise how wrong you are and go back to what you know best.

Not knowing whether it’s going to go so right or so wrong

One day, you’re Queen Bey. The next, you’re Hagrid.

Using a brush

The words 'wide tooth comb' send shivvers down your spine because while they might work for straight haired ladies, they're only any good in the shower and you still lose half your head.

Life being like the movies - naaat

Paolo is not going to come and sort your mane 'n' monobrow out. The old Amelia knew the deal and that caring too much just isn't worth the effort.

When people say they wish they had curly hair


Disclaimer: From one curly girl to another, it might be an effort, but it's SO worth it when that 'do is on point and everyone in the room turns round like 'WOAH!'

Werk it girl!