6 Girls You Get On Every...Girls Holiday

The Big Spender 

Daddy’s probably supplied them with money but they can afford everything and will do everything. Souvenirs for all the family? Yeah, why not? I’ll buy them all... in gold.

Next rounds on you!
Next rounds on you!

The Organiser 

Always keeping a head count and checking everyone’s got everything they need. They’ve probably packed extra just in case you ‘forgot’ to bring factor 30. 

The Winger 

You weren’t even sure this person was still coming until you got to the airport. They’ve come with whatever they could find along the way. Running through the airport with their clothes hanging out their case but they're there and technically on time - classic.

The Houdini

One minute you see them next minute you don’t. She may as well have not paid for a hotel room – if you know what I mean…

The Crier 

They broke a nail, they feel sick, they miss home there’s always one that won’t stop crying! You’ll have to figure out a system for who looks after them – rock, paper scissors?

The Judge

OK, It’s funny when she’s judging other people you come across on the trip but the groups’ what-happens-in-Magaluf-stays-in-Magaluf behaviour has not gone unnoticed either. The you-should-know-better look says it all…

But at the end of the day you're all as bad as each other - and you love your crazy b*tches!