6 Life Lessons We Learned From Cher Horowitz

by Eve MacDonald

Clueless is the iconic classic that taught girls it’s OK to be picky about boys, the true meaning of fashion, and the importance of female friendship.

1. You should always make the best of a bad situation.

The number one lesson we can take from Clueless is to be comfortable in your own shoes (and skin). And even when life was tough, Cher didn’t change for anyone.

2. You should never settle.

While her friends made fun of her for her high expectations, she wore them like a badge of honour. We loved her determination and 'stay true to yourself' attitude.

3. An outfit can make or break your day, so you should always look fabulous.

When worn with confidence, anything looks good. So, if you want to wear a bright yellow plaid jacket and skirt, do that too.

4. You should never give into peer pressure.

Just because other people do things, doesn't mean you have to follow. As Cher says: 'don’t cash in your V-card until you’re really ready.'

5. The person you've been looking for all this time could be right in front of you.

Cher taught us that love sometimes comes along when you least expect it.

6. The most important thing in life is having people who will be there for you.

A good BFF is everything in life. Rollin' with the homies...

Channel your 'Clueless' queen...

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