7 People You’ll Meet at Fashion Week

by Charlotte Briggs

To celebrate the glorious festivities of London Fashion Week (the best week in my calendar), I’m rounding up the top seven people you’re most likely to encounter at the event, no matter which one you attend around the globe.

1. The Protester 

With their pickets held higher than a fashion snobs nose, you’ll find these guys alone or amongst a flock of similarly outraged demonstrators. Whether they’re protesting about the use of fur for fashion (and rightly so), or body standards in the industry, they’re not one to be missed.

2. The Blogger

With the recent rise of internet fame and self-branding, Fashion Week has become a calendar event for both press and bloggers. They're in the know and looking fabulous and will get street style papped left, right and centre. Get following them on social.  

3. The Street Style Photographer

The street style photographers have become notorious for causing a ruckus outside of the hosting venues - mainly due to their traffic blocking photoshoots. Approach with caution.

4. The ‘IT’ Girl

You know who she is but she doesn’t know who you are. The Serena Van Der Woodsen of Fashion Week, she’s at the hottest events with a killer ‘I woke up like this’ vibe. Can someone hook a girl up with her stylist please?!

5. The Editor

Fashion Week wouldn’t be Fashion Week without a visit from  HRH Anna Wintour. She’s fashion royalty who’ll be judging the festivities. Always immaculately dressed, the Editor will be chief in command on the FROW of every event.

6. The Off-Duty Model

Making an appearance to support their bezzie mate designer, this girl will have all the paparazzi chasing her. She can usually be spotted in the centre of a media frenzy or FROW next to the Editor’s.

7. The Intern

The girl that we can all relate too. Trying to juggle Starbucks coffees, schedules and her boss’s Prada at the same time, she’s the girl who’s job we all want to have (deep down). But until that happens, we’ll just cheer her on from the side lines.