7 Reasons To Be Psyched For Summer

Hands up if you're counting down to summer? I'll take that as a yes. So whilst we shouldn't be wishing our lives away, here's 7 reasons why quite frankly, it's the best season out of 'em all... 

1. A little thing called sun

What is that bright ball in the sky? THE SUN. Yep, summer *should* mean a whole lotta rays and we all know that's the quickest way to make us all hands in the air like we just don't care kinda vibes. 

2.  Hey vacay 

Travel's the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, so get booking. 

3. Festival dreamin' 

It's officially the time to be checking out those headliners and dancing 'til dawn making memories we won't forget. 

4. New 'drobe 

Like we need an excuse, but we'll take one. We're talking bardot cuts, floaty fabrics and sunglasses with errrythang. 

5. Light nights 

The sun stay puts for a lil bit longer meaning we actually feel like we've got more hours in the day. Winning.

6. Getting outside

From an after work run to BBQs with friends or just lazing around the park - more outside time is good time.  

7. We're in bloom

The parks get prettier, on Instagram feeds are full of it and life generally just gets better.