7 Reasons To Be Psyched It's September

If you're anything like us, you'll be spending today asking yourself: "where HAS this year gone?!" But rather than send yourself into a mild panic/downward spiral that summer's coming to a close - we say embrace it. September's sassy ass is here and there's so much left of the year to look forward to. Here's just 7 reasons to be psyched it's September... 

New season 'drobe

What better excuse to treat yourself to something new? 

Cutting back on the leg shaving

Because bare legs ain't practical come chilly days

Fashion week

Sure, we can't afford it all, but it's pretty to look at and there's style inspo everywhere!

You know how to dress

No more wardrobe regret for when you thought an off the shoulder dress was acceptable for August. But as it turns out, rain and drizzle is all you're getting 


Yep you actually might see it now it's getting a little later

Indoor activities become acceptable again

Like movie marathons, duvet days and other activities that would quite frankly get an eyebrow raise with 25 degree heat outside 

Key dates are a coming

We're talking Halloween, Bonfire Night and dare we even say, Christmas. Because it's better to be prepped... 

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