7 Ways To Grow Your Business Through Instagram | Stylist Live

One of the many amazing talks we managed to catch at Stylist Live was with entrepreneur, celeb stylist and mega babe, Caroline Watson.  

When she isn't styling the A-list, she's busy growing her brand with the recent invention of 'The Denny' - a range of reusable, zip-away bags.    

Instagram has played a huge part in helping Caroline grow her business so signing up to the talk was a no-brainer. 

Here are her pearls of Insta-wisdom...

1. Choose strong images 

Your image needs to be engaging, choose white backgrounds and use a good editing app. Caroline <3s InstaSize and PicsPlayPro. 

2. Make it fun and relatable

As well as strong product images, you need to grow your brand and sprinkle your feed with fun and cool posts your followers can relate to

3. Use analytics

Find out when your audience are engaged and the best times to post. (Hint: You can change your IG account to a business account if you already have a business FB to get insights and analytics)

4. Value a good PR

You want someone who knows and understands your brand and isn't all about the money. Good celebrity endorsement always helps, too. 

5. Don't give too much of your personal self away

Try not to show too much of your personal life. Your Instagram life is different from your real life - always post after an event.

6. Be prepared to transition

Your Instagram style will change over time, you want your followers to be attracted to the page. 

7. Keep going

Follow your vision and don't give up. If you don't do it, someone else will. 

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