6 IG babes who give us serious FOMO

Yep you've seen them... the hot bodied, avocado-graming, daytime yoga'ing, dreamy lifestyle-livin' gals of twenty-sixteen. Those who are snapping cocktails at the beach on a workday whilst the rest of us are slumbering from a desk armed with a sky high stack of work and a double expresso shot to kick us into gear. Just how they do it, no one knows. It's not that we're AGAINST the idea of an everyday 9-5 per se, but would we like to travel the world with our best pal or S/O, spending the days eating sushi round the pool and nights at a quirky insta-worthy stay over? Mmm go on then. 

Here are just 6 we've discovered lately:

Anna Maria | @annstaaa

With her current bio location set to 'Ibiza' , you already know she's got it all sussed. This hot IG babe with an equally hot swimwear line is living life like a true girl boss. You know you've got it good when you can adopt a new insta-theme with every location. Us, jealous? Nahh.

Gabrielle Sullivan @sullivang_ 

If you're one for the quirky-livin' livestyle, this is one to look out for (with caution of srys FOMO). Airbnb app = re-downloaded. Armed with two adorable sausage pups, this girl doesn't even need to get out of bed to make us go green in the face.

Vivian Hoorn @vivianhoorn_   

She's based in Amsterdam but you can bet she's busy out travelling the world with her squad. This born wild bae shows us just how many different places she can show off her rock chick style. Constantly in check with a pair of badass vintage aviators and a series of tasselled jackets, this gal shows us she can do off-duty retro like no other.

Jacqueline Mikuta @mikutas

Another girl boss alert, this swedish babe is working Mallorca this summer - yep, that explains the killer tan and locks. The boho bae spends her time blogging & photographing in some of the places we're all swooning over at home. Whinge.

Claire Rose Cliteur  @claartjerose

With a brand new style for every vibe, there's no one that this petite bombshell can't adhere to. With her girl gang on point and food game on high, she shows us she's literally living the life of a taste-maker. Bucket list inspo x 1000.

Ces Capey @about_cess

She's either equipped with a killer bikini or another street stylin' OOTD. Living it up exploring Barcelona, she isn't short of any 'grammable moments. This go-getter gal is one we can't help but be envious over. Time to get your passport stamped? I think soo...

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