8 Stages of Packing

aka. suitcase hell. 

When it comes to holiday packing, I go through at least one week of stress and breakdowns. I mean, surely it's not just me?! Every year the same...

Two weeks before

I've totally got this. Two weeks? That's almost too much time to pack! I'm so organised this year.

One week before

OK, so I've literally packed nothing. That's fine. We still got this. I'll start doing my holiday washing tomorrow.

6 Days before

WTF?! I literally have no clothes. No, really, what will I wear to the beach?! This OLD kimono from LAST YEAR?!

5 Days before

Oh heeeeeeeyyyy sassy sunnies let me just dust you off. NOW I'm ready. 

4 Days before

*text from my BFF* You left your absolute fave straw hat on that bar man in Turkey 

3 Days before

It's almost not funny anymore. Like, just get SOMETHING in the case

2 Days before

Ok, f*ck it, just pack everything

Getting to the airport like...

I don't want to hear about what anyone has packed, when we get to the airport I'm checking in my suitcase and getting a drink! Happy holidays!