8 Times Ryan Gosling Was Everything

He's the Canadian hottie we all love - and we say he's looking finer than ever. So we've rounded up 8 clips to show why we're head over heels - thank god for Gosling. 

When his chat up lines were oh so smooth

Where do I sign up?

When he won 'Best Kiss' at the MTV awards

Oh to be Rachel McAdams

When he broke up a fight

Just another street struggle until BAM Ryan walks in and saves the day. What a hero. 

When he did his 'move'

If you watch one clip of Ryan Gosling, make it this one. 

When it wasn't over

Wanna get back with your ex? This is the way to do it... 

When Emma Stone got her man

Expectation vs. reality spring to mind?

When he became an internet sensation

Gosling don't want his cereal.

And when he responded to it

Sadly, the man behind the famous internet meme, Ryan McHenry was diagnosed with bone cancer and passed away, so Ryan responded.