Things NOT to feel guilty about in your 20s

Half of your friends have long term life plans - sub categorised by year, colour coded by month and you can't even put together a pair of matching socks. DW, if all else fails there's the option to move into your mum's garden shed later in life and adopt a few cats. 

... All jokes aside, your twenties are supposed to consist of fun and a sh*t load of mistakes. How are you supposed to know that you need to go and bust a gut at the gym if you haven't spent all weekend in bed with a maccies first?!... You with me now?

Grab a big fat marker pen, 'cause here are a list of things you can cross off your worry list:

1.  "I don't have a life plan (long or short)" - Unless it's in your expectations to become the next  prime minister - this is NOT an issue. Plans never go accordingly anyway, embrace the unexpected.

2. "I'm 24 and I'm not in my dream job" - Just because your thirteen year old self thought 23 was 'proper adult and stuff'  doesn't mean you should have achieved the expectations you set for your older self - you're doing fiiiine if you've even have a vague idea what that is.

3. "I don't have any savings" - because how can you when your expected to pay rent, food, bills etc? The good news is that your pals are probably in the same boat, so next time they order an extra tequila on Friday night, don't let it guilt trip you either.

4. "I don't have a mortgage" -  Again, refer back to no.3. Whether you've just introduced your independent women status through renting in the city, or you're still sponging of your folks at home - you're winning both ways.

5. "I should probably have a BF by now" - Unless Ryan Gosling turns up on your doorstep with a box of cupcakes in each hand, then do not settle for just anyone. He will come along and you don't need to sit at home waiting for him. *Sassy hand emoji*.

6. "I had pizza for breakfast this morning" - hell, I bet it was more memorable than yesterday's museli.

7. " I cried three times last week for no reason" - Whether you forgot to separate your whites from your colours or he's been online without replying to you... turn up Bey-Lemonade get a baseball bat and... just joking, but it's OK not to be OK... you soon will be.

8. "I should really be making the most of my prime body/where is my 6-pack?" don't beat yourself up for not having VS body just because someone told you this is the best it's gonna be - there's plenty of time for that, embrace what your momma gave you!

9. "I haven't travelled the world, nor been to any of the places on my bucket list" ... and they are always going to be there! 

10.  "I wish I knew more about _______" - Geography, Maths or the whole cast of GOT, you can't know everything about everything. Just find out what it is your most passionate about and roll with that. Call it your 'speciality'.

So chill, hold off on the cats and have faith that everything will fall into place  

... you got this.