6 Cringe Dad Moments We <3

From one Daddy's girl to another, I just wanna wish you a V Happy Father's Day! It's time to change up your profile pic to an adorable throwback and enjoy six truly embarrassing Dad traits that we secretly would never have them without...

1. The You Can't Go Out Dressed Like That Moment

Whether it was that crop top that looked totally fetch with your A-line mini, the spaghetti strap dress you HAD to have for the school disco or the blue streaks you'd been perfecting in your hair, why did Dad always question your greatest style moments? OK we will admit that taking a coat was always a good idea and we thanked you for it many times on the DL.

2. The You're Too Young To Have A Boyfriend Moment

Urgh Dad, he's not my boyfriend... You. Are. So. Embarrassing! You remember the vibe... you literally couldn't even get the bus to school with a boy without enduring the dreaded 'talk'. But actually, we now have a very selective approach to dating that again, we just might have you to thank for.

3. The Many LOL Moments

Is there a bumper Dad joke book given to new fathers or is the 'SOH' merely a coping mechanism for the  years of stress we are about to give them?! Not a clue, just raise your hands if you've ever stood at a supermarket checkout/the school gates/your BFF's house just praying the ground would swallow you whole so you didn't have to deal with the aftermath of another hilarious joke? 

4. The Life and Soul Moment

There reaches a point at every family party... the power ballads kick in and Dad, it's your time to shine. As long suffering offspring you have two choices - sit with the other cousins and kids and pretend it just isn't happening or go with it and hit the floor because nobody dances like a drunk dad at a wedding, and I guarantee nobody is having more fun!

5. The Down With The Kids Moment

Oh god, he just said YOLO, that definitely happened, it's an actual part of history now. Srsly Dad, why don't you understand you don't need to try to be cool? You will always be our hero. Now if you could stop fist bumping next-door-but-one John, that would be ideal!

6. The Romantic Dad Moment

When your rents are still together and slaying this 'for better, for worse' thing and giving serious goals in the process. But still, you don't have to actually kiss in front of us, do you? There is a time and a place and it's way out of our sight and minds... even though we admit you are pretty cute.