A Zen State Of Mind

Feeling tech fuzzy rather than savvy? Glazed over by the city lights and ready for retreat? 

Katie Forrester has got the 411 on today's National Relaxation Day to help get chilled AF

Here are 8 ways to seek a zen state of mind for free!

2016 seems to be the year of ‘betterment’, ‘mindfulness’ and wellness initiatives.  Nothing less than perfect is good enough! We are pushing ourselves to the absolute maximum, but when is it too much? Energy lamps in Starbucks, billboards that give out free massages, rainbow foods, glowrobics and texting lanes. Welcome to the new norm of everything and more. 

Most days we count ourselves lucky we can have it all, do it all and be super human while we’re at it. But other days call for timeout to recharge and revive our soul. Our ‘lucky eight’ does just the trick.


1.      Go Squirrel Spotting!

Take a walk in the countryside (even a park will do) just the fresh air and no distractions for maximum chill! Psychologists say surrounding yourself with green can spark tranquility, sooth & de-stress you!

2.      Have A Social Media Free Day 

OK we might not be brave enough to take it that far but decluttering your inbox is a good start. All that spam is a real buzz kill.

3.      Reminisce

Dig out some old photos, ones you can actually touch that aren’t on FB! Take some time out to remember your roots for a nostalgia fest. (And then Snapchat them after obvs!)

4.      YOLO

Try something new that you’ve never done before, challenge yourself. Concentrating on one thing does wonders for clearing the mind, plus the adrenaline rush will have you feeling invincible! Total win.

5.      Sleepover

Have a pyjama party! There’s nothing better than a belly laugh with your nearest and dearest, who needs bags of money to have fun when you’ve got Bieber, Bey and BGT?

6. Babefest

Be a total doll and do something nice for someone, just because you can. 

7.      Home Is Where The <3 Is

Have some Quality time with the ‘rents, what better way to feel grounded than over a brew with mam n pops? 

8.      Freedom

Be a kid again for 5 minutes! 

Run as fast as you can down a steep hill. Skip-and we don’t mean with a rope, and while you're at it go for hopscotch, hula hoop, the lot! Get your giddy on and live in the moment! This one's our fave and gives us total jokes!

Tell us how you keep your mind in check and find your inner peace? #boohooharmony

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