All About Leanne Lim Walker

By day I'm a YouTuber, by night I'm an Instagram stalker

As part of our More Than Just A Girl campaign, we took vlogger, photographer and all-round babe Leanne Lim Walker on set of our new TV campaign.

While we're totally obsessed with her ever-changing hair and cool, off duty style, we wanted to get to know the girl behind the lens a little better. Here's five things you might not know about her... 

·       She's a philanthropist! Not only is Leanne super sweet in person, but she also raises money for mental health charities in her spare time

·        When Leanne was younger, she wanted to be a vet... until she realised you had to cut open animals (we hear ya!) 

·        Her party trick? Licking her elbow!

·        She really wants to be able to play more instruments

·        10 years ago, Leanne thought bootcut jeans were the most fashionable thing ever... hey, they're coming back now though!

Want more? Check her video below >

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