All I Never Wanted...

It's inevitable: amongst all of the cards and gifts there's bound to be a few bad choices. The Stylefix team share our gift disasters we've received over the years and how we dealt with gift face.


My gift disaster started way before the 25th of the month. I was online shopping for loved ones and in order to get Free Delivery I had to spend an extra £7. As an avid shopper, this is no trouble for me. I did however panic slightly as I had to rush the purchase so added to bag a book that I didn't want in the slightest. My work colleagues did also mock me for my impulse buy as they had the same feeling towards this fiction that I did. 

So imagine my horror come Christmas Day when said book was handed me under the tree as a gift. The worst part was the gifter had expected me to really like it, but my reaction said it all. I can't remember whether we returned it or whether it's still floating around the house somewhere - now bred into two copies - a little bit of a wasted tree. 


My family don’t really do presents, tragic story short – it is usually just me and my dad for the big day and he is the quintessential male stereotype. He hates shopping and will only venture out to purchase a gift if it can be bought within a 2 mile radius and the store has ample parking – so that’s Dixons, Sainsbury’s or the local soft furnishing store.

From digital radios, to pocket torches and fugly hand crocheted scarves I have had it all. And sure, I may sound ungrateful but when you’re a teen and all your mates are getting perfume, make up and trendy overpriced jewellery – you feel pretty hard done by; it was ‘so unfair’

These days, he always has in my favourite wine, my ‘pretentious fresh coffee’ and leaves brand new towels folded on my bed for my stay. Love you dad, you absolute hero. 


I think mine was last year at work when we had to do Secret Santa and we had a £15 budget…

After putting a lot of effort into mine and wrapping it nicely I expected to get the same back… only when I was presented with a giftbag, I found a small gift wrapped in tin foil, which I opened to find a pocket sized mini muffin (chocolate to be precise)

My Christmas cheer was immediately deflated!


I’ve had a fair few from family members who really want you to get a great gift but seem to have lost all sight of what that is, bless them. The one that I really remember is a Fabergé egg that I got from my Nan when I was about 10 years old (really hope she doesn’t read this). Top of my Christmas list was a Nintendo DS, followed by an array of Argos catalogue goodies and some art supplies (I was a budding artist back then). Instead, I opened my gift with the most confused expression I think I’ve ever had. What is a Fabergé egg I hear you ask? Exactly.


Being a sister with a three year age gap you have to accept that as a child (and occasionally as an adult) you WILL receive matching presents and they WILL be clothes. Oh, and you will have to wear them for the entirety of Christmas day. My sister and I have a favourite matching present, cowboy hats...leopard print cowboy hats. Unfortunately for everyone involved, this wasn’t when we were kids, no no, this was two years ago. The pictures of us on Christmas morning in dressing gowns, matching hangovers in full swing, are actually as fabulous as you can probably imagine.